That’s Because You’re Not Doing It Right: On Fixing What’s Broken

…being broken is okay. No one (save for sociopaths and borderline personality disorder types) faults others, or even themselves, for not always having their shit together. To be human is to, at times, experience the pain and grief that accompanies a sense of the loss of self—that gnawing feeling, often indescribable, of being separated from one’s “I AM-ness.” It’s a curious place to be, but both experience and psychological research (for example, on resiliency in children after experiencing adversity) illustrates that in order to get better at life we, at times, need to get worse. We need to face challenges. We need to be disappointed by others, expectations, and even ourselves.

When You Stay Broken

The unfortunate truth, though, is that for far too many of us being broken is a state of being—a seemingly endless stretch of the disheveled and discordant.
Photo by Jachan DeVol on Unsplash